Bodegaverse Wiki

Bodega's Legendary Starship. (Cuatro, Seis, Siete, Diez, Once, Doce, Trece, Catorce, Quince)


The Disco Valante is a spaceship that while ill optimized is still amazing. It contains an advanced cloaking device for stealth purposes. Bodega's wrist 'comp' can call the ship down to him, and activate the ship's self-destruct sequence; to do so you have to press buttons that are located way too close to each other for comfort. From the cockpit you can emergency eject. To detect things in its immediate vicinity the ship is equipped with long range sensors. When something comes to close a proximity alert is sounded. Throughout the ship there is an internal Tannoy (speaker) system.

The Valante might carry torpedoes. (Unknown of what brand they are.) It also is booby trapped all over in case of hostile boardings.

The ship uses a hyperspace drive to travel around the galaxy.

Appearance and Inside[]

Sleek and black, the front of the ship is shaped into a nose cone. It has only one door to the outside, which is accessed via gangplank, and opened by the using the controls on the left side of the door. Once inside you go through an airlock onto the main deck of the ship. The main deck contains video panels and access shafts into the computer hardware. From the main deck you can reach the lounge, bedroom, and toilet.

Some of the ships tech is sub-optimal: The Stealth field's firmware hasn't been upgraded in a while, wire's are strewn all over on the main deck, and the sqwig indexer hasn't been rigged properly, which has caused the Valante's gas efficiency to be 1.5 % less then what it could be.

The Grethum Stealth Insertion Shuttle is housed in the cargo bay. You have to go into an airlock to get inside the shuttle.

The lounge contains sofas and a vid-screen.

The size of the Valante is unknown.