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Bodega's Lazgun is known as the best Lazgun in the galaxy, likely because it has been heavily modified by Bodega himself. The weapon appears to operate with microwave radiation, heating the water molecules in his victims to a superheated state. The laser likely uses visible light to cut through inorganic substances.

" No need to take his finger off the trigger - Bodega simply played the Lazgun around the smugglers’ meeting point like an old man watering some plants "

Attachments and Features[]

Pivot Bi-Pod[]

The Pivot Bi-Pod is a Lazgun attachment that allows fully auto use of the beam weapon enabling Bodega to easily eliminate multiple hostiles quickly at range. (Dos)

Muzzle Brake[]

Can be seen at the end of the gun's barrel. (Ocho)


Lazgun - Artists interpretation Credit:  pm_steam_keys_plz