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Bodega's ex-girlfriend, the wife of Tan Blatchmen and the mother of Tan Blatchmen Jr. She is a Psychic Being of near limitless power


A decade before Part Seis, Majesta was the girlfriend of Bodega. Until she looked into his mind telepathically and saw it was all about him. Then she broke up with him taking their dog with her. Before that she had implanted a part of her Psychic Power into his brain as an escape package for him to use in case he was in serious danger.

Even after their break up, she still harbored affection for Bodega, and when she married Tan Blatchmen and had Tan Blatchmen Jr. she wanted him to see her new life, so she invited him to her estate. Bodega was shocked about their marriage, and it is unknown what happened before he left.

A couple months later Tan reports that she has been kidnapped by unknown 'baddies'. Though who has the capabilities to kidnap one of Majesta's kind is unknown as of yet.

She owns an estate on Stroya IX at the base of its tallest mountain.