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An ecological wonder full of every form of life imaginable. It has dense bluish clouds covering the sky.

>Owned by Scarpon Incorporated, a subsidiary of Chorely Soft Drink Empire.<


Mostly unknown. 80% of the Planet is habitable land, full of thich vegitation and mountains covered in jungle. It also has vast lakes and rivers, which are infested with all sorts of life.






For a long time Scarpon II lay undiscovered by anything. Then when the galaxy found out about it scientists from all over came to learn from its rich ecosystem. A little while later the whole planet was bought by Scarpon Incorporated for unknown reasons, and locked away from the general public. People can only get in via visition passes.

Fauna and Flora[]

Scarpon has a very rich ecosystem, probably due to its rich environment. In fact the ecosystem is packed full of animals and plants that scientists were barely scratching the surface of what it had to offer. A comprehensive list is impossible for now, but a little is known this includes:


Mork Beast - All details unknown (Soon...). One of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy; it's known for its moodiness. Because of the danger and their temperament none exist in captivity. Inhabits Scarpon II. (Uno, 1 min before Part Sies, Siete, Diez, Trece)

Unknown Animal 1 -All details unknown. Huge, long-legged creatures with bag-like bodies, that feed on the upper canopy of trees. (Trece)

Unknown Insect 1 -All details unknown. A swarm of insects that feed on trees tearing them apart in just an hour or two. (Trece)

Sqweege Bugs - All details unknown. Insect that inhabits Scarpon II. (Trece)

Glorms - All details unknown. Inhabits Scarpon II. (Trece)

Whiddle Creatures - All details unknown. Inhabits Scarpon II. (Trece)

Chuff Ball - All details unknown. Inhabits Scarpon II. (Trece)


Swiffy Tree - All details unknown. (Trece)