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A drab planet full of horribly drab people.


Nothing is known about this planet, seeing as we can't seem to force any of our interns to go, and a rather inconvenient faraday giga-field was placed around the atmosphere by the overly paranoid lawers after the recession. Our request for information is still pending, however, for all intensive purposes, assume that our case will never make it to court, and instead get used as collateral on some lucky lawyer's assistant's mortgage.


The living beings on Snide IV are only allowed to become lawyers, lawyer's assistance, judges, and cops. The exact percentage of job allocation being: 90% lawyers and their assistance, and 10% being judges and cops, the rest of the work is given over to robots. It is law that the law not have any robot workers. It's also law that if you decide to defend yourself in court you can be sued by all the law firms you didn't hire. Robots have no legal status on the planet.

The economy on Snide is reliant on lawsuits, and it was heavily dependent on Kreetoss Neibushes lawsuit. Since he escaped it is now undergoing a runaway recession.

A popular cit-com on Snide is "How I Sued Your Mother" which features robots as the actors.

A big part of their government is the 'Supreme Court of Snide'.


Unknown city - Place where the events of Part Doce. There are at least 19 sectors to the city.