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Spurloopians have existed for many years, they were one of the first species to inhabit multiple planets. They aren't very intelligent, in fact they don't know how to spell 'intelligent'. But none of that mattered, you don't have to be smart when you have looks.

Spurloopians are often considered to be one of the sexiest species ever. Fedorian Magazine, FedoFile, rated Spurloopians as the 3rd sexiest species alive. People were willing to pay good money to send them into space, they all wanted a look at those infamous Spurloopian titties.

*Many Spurloopians are female, with a ratio of about 60/40. Fedorian Space Nerds are unsure why

Home Planet[]

Spurloopia, the large blue home world of the Spurloopians. Surrounded by a dense, blue gaseous atmosphere, Spurloopia has little oxygen available to its species, this is why Spurloopians are commonly blue, although some Spurloopians lose this blue color dependent on which planet they migrate to.

Spurloopia's economy is one of the worst in the galaxy, but who can blame them, it's run by brain-dead models. As a result many Spurloopians turn to life of crime and shadiness. Many become either low level thieves or hookers and strippers.



The common Spurloopian male has a natural chiseled jaw line that makes their face pop out that extra inch. Their mouth is wide and thin, giving them a million dollar smile. Most Spurloopian males once fully grown develop a natural six-pack, and it always present even on the fattest of Spurloopians. Legs make up half off their body, they have the thickest and strongest in the galaxy, You can always find a Spurloopian on the galactic Fokball (Known as Soclor in less developed civilizations) team.


Female Spurloopians have large boobs, a fully mature Spurloopian women develops a breast size of around 36 H. Perfect for a stripping job at a shady bar. Coupled with their large breasts are their entrancing faces. Large eyes with fluttery eyelashes, huge mouths with large, puffy lips, long flowing hair going down to their hips at times. Spurloopian women boast some large and wide hips, stretching out to their shoulders in width.


  • On the first day of the Spurloopian New Year (approx. every 514 earth days), all Spurloopians gather hand in hand (sometimes stretching cities in length) and sing the Spurloopia Anthem in honor of the new year
  • When a Spurloopian boy turns 15 (the year of male adulthood), they enroll in the male modeling program. Most are accepted as they are all so beautiful.
  • When a Spurloopian girl turns 16 (the year of female adulthood), she may do whatever she wants BUT she is forced to leave home. Most become strippers.

Crotch Crabs[]

An STD spread in various ways, it mainly effects the crotch and groin area, it is particularly painful for males. It has no known cure and very little is known about the infamous disease.