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The Big Ten are a group of individuals, including Bodega, who are of various backgrounds and skill sets. The group is being formed in the coming months by Bodega, who got the idea of it after a fit of depression caused by his Ex-Girlfriend Majesta's betrothal to his Arch-Nemesis Tan Blatchmen and the recommendation of his Secretary turned spy Wargon "Shiela Bang" . He suggested calling the group "Bodega's Space Rescue Force of People He Knows" in Episode Nueve.

The Members[]

  1. Bodega - The man, the myth, the legend, the bounty hunter, and all around good guy. He is the self-appointed leader of the group. His skills are 10/10.
  2. Varu - A Shrovian War Robot.
  3. Rab - A Tartanian human who specializes in brawling and drinking.
  4. Kreetoss Nebbish - The best hacker in the galaxy; he is human.
  5. Reed Chorely III - One of the most wealthy people in the Galaxy; he is human.
  6. Kytoss - A famous Sigilese fighter.
  7. Tan Blatchmen - Bodega's very own Arch-Nemesis!
  8. Tamira - The Big 10's Femme Fatale.
  9. Ex: Krem "Brodega" Slumdump. The villainous villain turned into a treacherous spy, posing Bodega's slightly taller, yet somewhat younger brother!
  10. TBD