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The planet where the mega computers of the Galactic Mega-Library are housed. The Library is kept under several miles of reinforced quantum cement, and several layers of Giga-Shield. Part of the Thronduilian System.


The planet itself is around the size of mars.

On the surface the planet is covered in 78% land. The equatorial region is covered in miles of jungle.

Under the planets surface lies a network of catacombs, a bunker system so amazingly complex only the service robots know where to go. Though an alien species with enough cybernetic implants might be able to find their way around.


Almost the entire core of the planet is a maze of expansive catacombs and bunkers full of the most modern super computers and cassette drives.


The planet stood for a while unknown, then the first alien scouts found the planet. Secluded enough to not be a major target, but close enough to major galactic knowledge hubs to gather information the Thronduil was bought up by the Galactic Mining Corporation. The Mining Corp then mined out as many valuable minerals and usable stone as they could leaving a good percentage of the planets Core mined but in no danger of collapse due to the artificail gravity shield put in place. The planet was then sold to the Federation, who had just started to become the galaxies major super power, after they began to expand out their original home planet, earth. They then turned the planet into one of their major information hubs, as an extension of the Library of Congress.

Slowly though the Federation slowly relied less and less on the planet and it become less of a Federation focal point. Now the planet is run by people who have unknown intentions, but who still have access to the Federation's Galactic Interlocatetron.


The library aims to gather as much data about the universe as possible while remaining separate from any currently presiding government. (Due to how often coups and other bits happen, some pretty nasty people can get into power) The library accomplishes this by complying with any orders given by the government while often deceiving those in power in order to change what those orders might be.

The library also constantly sends out massive data dumps of random, incoherent data, on random galactic frequencies. These data dumps are probably sent to other hidden Library Mega Computer-Towers.