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A robot created by the Shrovians. V.A.R.U. stands for Very Angry Robot Unit. (Diez, Once, Quince)


Varu is a bulky humanoid robot. His surface metal is sleek, like an Horvathian Air Leopard, the color is dark charcoal gray, and so matte it reflects almost no light at all. Its head is a simple, slightly tapered oblong with no extra features or markings. Its body look like someone took a human being and replaced its limbs with old bits of weaponry. He is also capable of crying tears of oil from his eyes. On his neck King Wabu had installed a voice control unit to force him to sound a certain way, the VCU was deactivated by Bodega when he rescued Varu.

Attitude and Values[]

He bore a grudge against King Wabu until he killed him. Bodega is one of Varu's friends he also like most, if not all, of the others in the group. He was very attached to the tamagotchi he called his son, when it died Bodega had to reboot Varu's sadness circuits to get him on board.


Varu was created by the Shrovians in their labs, it's unknown why he was created. Somehow Varu managed to escape the Shrovians, then found a life caring for the last existing tamagotchi whom considered his son, he also met Bodega around this time. Later on King Wabu captured him holding his tamogotchi hostage, forcing him to toil and do menial service work. Then Bodega rescued him and recruited him into his posse.


His arms are Light Shrovian Battle Cruiser turrets, and it has shoulder mounted blast cannons. It also has some hands, like normal alien species, except they're super powered. His legs are gigantic, looking like the bones of an ancient war machine. It's torso is sleek and a beautiful.


He is a monolith of efficiency, housing some of the most advanced sensors ever created in the Shrovian labs. He also has a voice changer that can be changed, some of the settings include: Default robot voice and posh voice.


King Wabu - >Deceased<


  • Varu requested Bodega to change his Voice Control Unit back to its normal Human-like one after King Wabu changed it to a traditional robotic voice. Bodega later reverted it back two weeks before recruiting Rab.