A single star, single planet solar system. The system is famous for its white hole, which is enveloped in an Dyson sphere, that creates an infinite amount of power. This white hole creates a sped up bubble of time that is around 600 times faster than regular time. While many scientific ideas were considered for the application of this time bubble, and many of theme would have caused remarkable advancements in many fields. However, as always, the planet was instead bought up by the large television firm, GalFlix.

The black sphere creates an artificial planet that is populated by the factions known as the Surfacese and the Insidians, who fell out with each other and consequently went to war. The Surfacese preemptively struck at the Insidians and all was going well for them until the Insidians managed to get the upper hand and defeat the Surfacese. (If you can't tell, none of us care very much about the television show, and our volunteers are only through the first 20 years of the show)

At the out skirts of the time bubble adoring fans of the war waited in spaceships, holding their collective breaths for the newest seasons to be released. Then the arrival of the Sigilese, Kytoss, brought that to an end when he spoiled the entire war by announcing it's winners.

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