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Lazgun - Bodega's uber famous weapon of choice. (Uno, Dos, Tres)

Combat teeth - A melee weapon. Artificial teeth implants. (Uno)

Large Bore Omni-Rifles - All details unknown. (Dos)

Scram Boots - Boots filled with patented Happy Thoughts Brain Musher, a gas that causes severe mind decay and on occasion death (The gas has an effective range of 50 meters)f. The gas can be nullified by a dose of Brain Shield. The boots are also capable of speeding up your movement. Bodega has some. (Tres, Siete)

Grabby-grabby - A high tech spring wound, detachable claw that shoots out of your sleeve and grabs whatever is designated. Bodega carries one. (Tres, Siete)

Shrovian Knuckle-dusters - A pair of Shrovian patented knuckle-dusters. Bodega carries them. (Tres)

Void Grenade - A grenade capable of being hidden in your teeth and spat at your enemies. The grenade, when activated, causes everything in a certain radius to become one homogenous lump of matter. Bodega has a couple. (Tres, Quince)

Psychic Implant - An Implant that contains a smidgen of Majesta's power. When activated you can rearrange atoms and know the past and future of something. (Seis)


Dust masks - Masks used when traveling across deserts. (Uno)

Shrovian Armor - All details unknown. (Uno)

Black stealth suits - All details unknown. Presumably they have advanced personal cloaking capabilities. (Dos)

Jetpack - Major details unknown. Bodega wears one just in case. (Tres, Cuatro, Siete)